This I Remember
sweet gentleness of lips,
tender touch upon my arm.
satiny soft hair through fingers,
whispers dancing in my ear.
a purity between us
joined with passion
ignites a love so great afire,
strips us of ourselves,
falling into togetherness;
minds focused on now,
hearts beating with every breath.
so entranced in the blue of eyes,
drowning in the sea of love,
losing myself in pursuit of you,
falling, falling,
farther away from me,
away from love,
true love.
the closing of eyes.
the sigh through trembling lips.
the silence upon deaf ears.
drowning in the sea of tears,
drowning out the pain,
clashing time against my ears,
mind flying through time.
this i remember, this i know,
i loved you for you,
but you loved me for you too,
falling out of myself,
i lost true love,
this i remember,
never again.

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